What are the Qualities of a Good Business Card Design?

A 3” x 2” paper size may be very small in dimension, yet if provided with the perfect message can actually yield magnitude results. This should be the function of a good business card. A business card’s primary purpose are: (1) to establish networks, (2) pitch in a sale and (3) close the best business deals. These targets can best be achieved if all the necessary information are available in this tiny little card. There are qualities to look for in the business card design that will help you assess if indeed the card is working on its intended use. Below are a list of these qualities. Check them out.

Good Business Card Design

1. Functional content

Important information such as name, job title, business logo, email address and contact numbers are the most essential things to include in a card. The logic here is to let your reader know how they can contact you immediately for concerns. Format it in a way that would be convenient and easy to your customers. Providing them with 2 or 3 contact information is enough. Think about the ones that you would want to use publicly. However, if you need more information, it is not prohibited to use both sides though.

2. Simple layout with a professional look

The design concept here is simplicity that means less is more. The card should look clean with open designs and enough text. Filling up every space with logo, color and even words will not sell at all. A very busy card will not get through the networks that you want. People are visual so the card should look pleasant to the eyes so you get that professional tone as well.

3. Font matters

To decide on what font to use in your business card entails a lot of time as there are quite a number of choices to choose from. Sticking to the rule of professional look will help you decide. Fonts that are distorted, funky and fancy and even too small is not the style for any business card at all. Choose those that are readable wherein letters are presented in its normal form.

4. Must include positioning statement

This is what branding is all about. So, making the right impression is key. Every design or pattern that you would want to include should complement the image that you want to project. Make sure that the card is consistent with the brand it carries. Consistency here also means same message, same branding and same language with all the cards. Surely, you do not want to confuse your target market.

5. Color is basic

Stick to 1 or 2 colors that are aesthetically pleasing. Achieve a business tone card and the way to do this is to highlight only two colors that are complementary to your business logo and business name. Be visually pleasant which means that the card should be warm to the eyes and not too strong and enhances readability.

6. Invest on quality

If you believe that image is everything, create a card that your target clients will never forget. If you can afford to make an impressive and striking card, then do it. Think of out of the box pattern and materials so you are sure that it is truly remarkable as soon as your clients received it. Plastic and metal business cards, rounded corners, embossed text or textured finish will certainly get people talking about it. This maybe a little pricey but surely it will pay off if utilized properly.

7. Avoid borders

Borders may cause aesthetic disaster in the design of your card when it is cut into its desired size. If not properly cut, it may have edges that does not have the same cut. You surely would not want your card to look like this.

8. Do not forget to distribute it

The reason why business cards are created is to reach out to as many people as possible. All of the qualities mentioned above will have no use if this small document will not be given to its desired owners. Once these business cards are on your hand, make sure that this lands at your target clientele. Include this card to every business correspondence that you will make. Most of all, carry this wherever you may go as this is the point of it all, to let people know of what you do and how you can help. It would also be nice to place this card in a card case, so it is crisp, clean and neat.

Remember this, business card is also referred to as your calling card. This should be a necessary tool in conducting business so customers can have easy access to you and your services as well. Thus, the card should have all these qualities to be sure that your firm is going to the forward direction.

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