Mango-Ong: Food Cart, History and is it for Franchising?

Eating green, sour and crispy mango has never been exciting and more appetizing than to eat it with bagoong. Although, the bagoong or shrimp paste increases the satiety level of the green mango, the odor of the bagoong is sometimes a turn off. Luckily, there’s a brilliant company from our country that conceptualized an idea to make our favorite condiment odorless and more flavorful thus gave birth to Mango-Ong, the best bagoong for your mango.   And the best part is, you can find them in super malls like Robinson’s, Ayala Malls and SM.

If you are a native Filipino, bagoong would not sound Greek to you but aside from being a delicious condiment that almost everyone loves, bagoong has other beneficial ingredients that we do not know of. Bagoong or shrimp paste which is also known as bagoong alamang is scientifically made up of Acetes species. This species contain high amounts of essential fatty acid like DHA which is needed by not only humans but also for animals too. DHA is known to contribute for better brain and heart functions. But we have to bear in mind that bagoong is also made salty so it should be taken in moderation.

About Green Mango-Ong Foods Corporation

Green Mango-Ong Foods Corporation is a sister company of Guby Food Products Corporation with both Brian Gubat as the founder and owner. Mr. Gubat has been in the food stall business since 2007 with peanuts and chicharon as their main products. In his quest for innovation and variety, he then came up with the concept of selling green mangoes and singkamas with bagoong which then gave rise to Green Mango-Ong Food Corporation in the early 2010. The first Mango-Ong food stall was established in SM Taytay and in less than two years, Mango-Ong was able to grow and was able to have eighteen branches in Metro Manila. It even reached outside the Metro and business progressed to neighboring sub-urban regions such as in Pangasinan, Rizal, Tarlac and Pampanga.

How to Get Your Mango-Ong Fix?

Mango-ong Food CartMango-Ong food carts can be found in leading shopping malls like SM, Robinsons and Ayala Malls. They offer green mangoes and even singkamas (Jicama) with the flavorful bagoong of course! Their bagoong comes in various flavors like Regular, Regular Spicy, Sweet, Sweet and Spicy and Extra Hot. With regards to the price, it is very affordable. The cleanliness is assured because as you their crews are well groomed and the process of handling the products are well taken care of.

How to Franchise Mango-Ong Food Cart?

Unfortunately, Mango-Ong is not yet opening its doors for franchising. But who knows, maybe some time in the near future Green Mango-Ong Food Corporation might open its doors and welcome franchisees.

Mango-Ong comes to prove that we can get to enjoy our favorite condiment bagoong in a cleaner, odor free and more flavorful version. Bagoong needs not to be gross because of its odor and we can stop wondering if it is clean or not because as we know, health and cleanliness should always be taken seriously especially when it comes to our food. So whenever we have the hunger pangs for this salty condiment, we can now run to the nearest mall that has the Mango-Ong stall for our quick fix!

For More Information, You May Reach Them Through the Following Contact Details:

Green Mango-Ong Foods Corporation

70b Road 1, Project 6, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

+632 3324376



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