How to Start a Kumon Franchise in the Philippines?

Education is essential and is a fundamental right of every child.   Aside from educating a child in the classroom, many parents tend to rely on tutorial centers or educational institution to hone the talents and skills of their youngsters to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. We may see tons of tutorial centers or similar institutions that offer many life hacks for our children but one name emerges from them all and that is Kumon. Good news is, Kumon is open for franchising. If you are looking forward to have your very own franchise of Kumon then check out what we have prepared for you below.

Kumon’s company profile

Kumon started for half a century ago because of the love of a father for his son. The late Chairman Toru Kumon invented the model of the Kumon Method in 1954 while he was a secondary school Math instructor. Learning materials made by a secondary school arithmetic educator for his child. Toru Kumon’s point was to make a gathering of unique issues that Takeshi would have the capacity to finish dynamically, all alone, permitting him to build up his abilities slowly.

The essential highlight of these materials was the attention on creating solid estimation abilities, empowering Takeshi to propel as fast as would be prudent through to secondary school arithmetic. In view of his experience as a secondary school math instructor, Toru Kumon was persuaded that mastering count was the way to empowering his child to later apply other Mathematical ideas.

The Kumon Method that started from a father’s affection for his son is currently accessible in 48 nations and locales with 4.26 million enrollees as of June 2013. The Kumon Method has stayed consistent for more than 50 years and has been acknowledged in numerous nations in spite of contrasts in way of life, instructive framework, and society.

Main Products and/or Services Offered

Kumon FranchiseMath Program

The Kumon Math Program concentrates on the improvement of solid estimation aptitudes which are essential to handle propelled materials in secondary school and college. It begins at checking numbers and advances sensibly the distance to calculus.

Reading Program

The Kumon Reading Program helps the students to create propelled perusing and understanding capacity and increase solid enthusiasm for reading by developing in them the adoration for adapting through effective reading even past their regular schooling.

Kumon FAQs

  • What makes Kumon different from tutorial centers?

Tutorial centers aim to help the students instantly by studying the current lessons and focused the learning on that.   Kumon, on the other hand, is a long-term education program that seeks to build the students mastery in math and reading.

  • What are the Kumon worksheets for?

The Kumon worksheets have been designed to allow self-learning. Through this students can study the topics independently without the need to be taught. This self-learning skill that Kumon nurtures gives students the confidence that they can learn anything they set their mind to. Eventually, as students progress in their Kumon study, they begin to study materials that are one, two, three or even four years ahead of their school grade level!

  • What are the Reading and Math programs for?

The Kumon Math and Reading Programs, equip children with the skills needed to reach their potential more than improving the students’ academic skills.

  • Is Kumon popular in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, there are approximately more than 50,000 children enrolled and profiting from this one of a kind strategy for adapting, across the country, adding to the large number of students in Kumon Centers around the world.

No. of Branches in the Philippines

  • Metro Manila – 99
  • Luzon – 86
  • Visayas and Mindanao – 44

Kumon Franchise Fees and Inclusions

Franchise Fee: Php 60,480 (This covers the provisional licenses and inclusive of VAT)

Total Franchise Cost of Investment: Php 600,000 to Php 800,000

Standard Package Inclusions:

  • Complete preparation and training pre and post opening the Kumon Center
  • Seminars held monthly
  • Conference held both local and overseas
  • Instructional training and marketing support
  • Area managers’ assistance and regular visits

Return of Investment:  18 to 24 months

How to Franchise: The Kumon Franchise Application Guide:

  1. The franchise applicant will be requested to attend the orientation held at the head office.
  2. There will be reading and math test for the franchise applicant and he or she needs to pass that in order to proceed with the application process.
  3. An interview will be conducted for the franchise applicant.
  4. Upon passing the interview, the franchise applicant needs to submit a suitable target location to the Kumon Center.
  5. Once your proposed site is approved, you will be requested to attend the training program for New instructors and about in class training.
  6. Set up the Kumon Center of the franchise applicant.
  7. Once the center is set up, the franchise agreement should be signed and the franchise fee should be paid accordingly.

Contact Details if You Want More Kumon Franchise Information:

To know more about Kumon franchising, you may reach them through the following contact details:

Contact Person: Allan Aguirre, PR Group Leader

19th Floor, Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +6328850226 local 197

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