Sisig Hooray! Food Cart and Restaurant: How to Franchise, Costs and Details

“We Do Sisig Best”, as claimed by Sisig Hooray! Who can oppose to this claim? Maybe none, sisig made by Sisig Hooray by far has become known and loved by Pinoys from the moment it was introduced to the market up to this very moment. Before anything else and for the benefit of those who are not familiar with sisig, below is a quick definition of sisig.

What is Sisig?

Sisig is one of the most sought after pulutan or beer match in the country. It is believed to have originated from Pamapanga which is basically made from head of a pig and it’s liver that are both boiled, sliced typically prepared with kalamansi and stew peppers. The fragrance alone is sufficiently alluring. What’s more when one nibbles into its firm, crunchy meat the right mix of salty and zesty makes sisig uncommonly and powerfully delicious. Best matched with rice, it’s a dinner that will definitely top you off.

At Sisig Hooray, every request is readied from freshest ingredients and by request. The taste is deliciously succulent but crunchy. Sisig flawlessness at its finest!

About Sisig Hooray!

Sisig Hooray! Food Cart FranchiseIn 2005, Sisig Hooray started to operate and gave the public the original and freshly prepared Sisig. Immanuel D. Balce of Chop Chop Yum Yum, Incorporated was motivated to advance the Pinoy’s most loved pulutan, sisig and transform it into a dish presented with rice. The very first shop of Sisig Hooray was established at Ever Gotesco Ortigas before long turned into a swarm which is most loved by the market and surprisingly extraordinarily long lines began to structure around the corner. The trained crews chop the sisig ingredients right in front of the very eyes of its customers. With their superb chopping technique, the consumer is not only getting a bit of entertainment while patiently waiting to get their sisig fix but it also makes them gain more appetite for their most awaited freshly prepared sisig!

It seems like every person has become some sort of a sisig fan which is a result of Mr. Balce’s extensive work, wherein he has invested a long time trying to concoct the particular secret formula for Sisig Hooray! By the way, Mr. Immanuel Balce has quite an impressive knowledge and background not only in the local cuisine but so as with the international set up. No wonder, he was able to conceptualize an ordinary beer match dish to a perfect rice dish thus making Sisig Hooray an exceptional Sisig.

Sisig Hooray’s Menu

Sisig lovers have quite a few options to choose from on how they want their sisig to be served from a variety of ingredients and sauces which would make them drool even more:

  • Original Recipe Pork Sisig – A dish that is blasting with Sisig pizzazz! Pork pieces that is marinated, bubbled and broiled to brilliant brown then cleaved and soaked in a flavorful unique sauce for a delicious yet fresh composition and taste.
  • Smokey Steak Sisig – Delicate beef liberally saturated with smokey sauce that is broiled gradually over charcoal then cubed and poured with their unique sauce.
  • Chicken Sisig – Thick chicken breast plunged in a rich, fragrant marinade and singe flame broiled. This is best served and appreciated sizzling.
  • Pusit Sisig – An exceptional top choice for the seafood fanatic. Sizzling hot squid that is minced and sprinkled with their secret sauce for a hot yet sweet taste.
  • Bangus Sisig – For the wellbeing cognizant Sisig partners there’s the boneless Milk Fish frizzled in stew and onions. Immersed in a mystery sauce that is a treat for the taste buds.

The sisig comes in Solo meal and Barkada size which is good for three, either way both are deliciously prepared and pocket friendly too.

Other Sisig Hooray Pinoy delicacies:

Sisig Hooray does not only serve their specialty sisig, they also offer other dishes. Check them out below and try them to taste the difference.

  • Sour Steak Tagalog – Their own particular rendition of Bistek Tagalog. Flimsy cuts of 100% Sirloin Beef marinated in soy sauce and calamansi. Sautéed and moderately cooked in rich sharp sauce and embellished with sweet onion rings
  • Enseladang Hooray – A happy blend of the freshest veggies like tomato, green mango, onion and grilled eggplant with shrimp paste and salted eggs.
  • Mami sa Kanto – A dish of steaming chicken broth with fresh miki noodles, chicken strips, sliced boiled egg, carrots and crispy garlic flakes. Unquestionably delicious!
  • Ribs and Tail Sinigang – Flavorful hot tarty tamarind stock with Pork Baby Back Ribs. Garnished with onion, sitaw, labanos and tomatoes. Every taste will leave a longing for an additional serving or extra rice perhaps.
  • Garlic Chicken and Pork Adobo – The striking and sweet-smelling taste of soy sauce, vinegar and garlic delightfully leaks through the delicate chicken and pork liempo in this remarkable Pinoy staple dish.
  • Garlicky Pork Barbecue – Sweet and delicate Pork Barbecue. Marinated and bound with liberal measure of crisp garlic and split peppercorn.

What are the Sisig Hooray! Food Cart and Restaurant Franchise Packages, Costs and Fees?

Sisig Hooray has different franchise packages that would suit your franchising needs, check them out below for your reference:

Kiosk or Food Cart

  • Trade Name – Php350,000.00 + 12% vat
  • Kiosk / Equipment – Php100,000.00 + 0% vat
  • Marketing Support – FREE (initial opening)
  • Initial Stocks – FREE (worth P5,000 only selected stocks)
  • Royalty – Php15,000.00 a month
  • Contract – 3 years (renewable)
  • Product Security Deposit – Php50,000.00 (refundable when contract ends)
  • GLOBE Inventory Ordering System – FREE Mobile Phone with SIM (billing c/o franchisee)

Fast Food Type

  •    Trade Name – Php350,000.00 + 12% vat
  •    Construction / Equipment – Php1.3M to Php1.8M (inclusive of trade name) + 0% vat
  •    Marketing Support – FREE (initial opening)
  •    Initial Stocks – FREE (worth P8,000 only selected stocks)
  •    Royalty – 3% monthly
  •    Contract – 4 years (renewable)
  •    Product Security Deposit – Php80,000.00 (refundable when contract ends)
  •    GLOBE Inventory Ordering System – FREE Mobile Phone with SIM (billing c/o franchisee)

Advanced deposits, construction, insurance bonds and other similar expenses are the responsibilities of the franchisee.

Sisig Hooray Franchise Contact Information

Franchise Department
Unit 203 Prudential Bldg., Riverside Drive,
Ortigas Ext. Pasig City, Philippines

Phone: (02) 400-6032

Mobile: 0917-5293974



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