How to Register Your Logo or Trademark in the Philippines?

Success in business is highly dependent on various factors and little do you know that even the logo or trademark plays a vital role in it. The reputation of the company is highly important and for most, it is considered as one of their most valuable assets because it is the company’s visual identity.

According to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, trademarks are the signs that are perceptible visually and graphically representing the company. Trademarks are important because they allow the consumers to know the goods and services offered by the company from other similar products in the market. The trademark plays a vital role in the branding, marketing and instilling of trust among its clients and patrons. Trademark plays a major role in how the consumers relate to the product of the company. For example, whenever the public sees the yellow letter M, Mc Donald’s would come to their minds right away. Same goes with the soft drink bottle for Coke and the tampering these iconic logos or trademarks is like criticizing the brands that the consumers loved for several years.

Top 5 Tips When Creating Your Company Logo or Trademark

How to Regiter Trademark in the PhilippinesCreating your company’s logo or trademark is as important as making your start up business process. You need to choose the logo that will best represent your company. It needs to be catchy and makes a mark on the minds of the public. If you make a mistake, then there goes the confusion of the market and your company will be forgotten and neglected by your target market.

To protect your company’s visual representation, registration of the trademarks is required.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has given five pointers to consider as you make your company logo and check them out below for your reference:

  1. Ensure that your chosen trademark or logo meets all the legal requirements for registration.
  2. Initialize a trademark search to ensure that there is no other existing logo or trademark similar to your chosen design.
  3. Make sure that your trademark is not difficult to write, spell, read or even remember and most importantly, it should be appropriate for all types of media advertising.
  4. The trademark should not have a double meaning or negative connotation in both local and foreign markets.
  5. Do your research on the internet to check if there is no similar or existing domain name available on the web.

Once your company has finally finished designing its trademark, the next move is to register it to the authorities to protect it from misuse. You can protect your company’s trademark by registering it with the office of Intellectual Property Philippines.

The IPO Provided the Steps on How to Register Your Company’s Trademark:

ipo FlowchartA. Filing of application

The Bureau of Trademarks of the IP Philippines handles the applications. The duty officer will perform a thorough examination or a formality examination to check if the application requirements needed are met before issuing the grant of the filing date.

The application requirements are as follows:

  1. An implicit indication that the registration of a mark is sought;
  2. Identity of the applicant;
  3. Contact details of the applicant or his representative;
  4. Reproduction of the mark whose registration is sought;
  5. List of goods or services for which the registration is sought.

An application number will be issued after the filing fee is paid.

B. Search

The search process would follow to check if the application has identical or similar to trademarks that are already existing in the market.

C: Examination

The trademark application will then undergo an examination to check if it complies with the rules and regulations. If otherwise, the application will be rejected.

D: Publication

Once the trademark is approved, it is published in the IP Philippines Gazette. This will let the public and the other companies know about your registration and let the concerned companies oppose if they find it damaging to their reputation.

E: Registration

A certificate of registration to the company will be given afterwards and this will be published again in the IP Philippines Gazette and entered on the official records. The certificate is valid for 10 years.

F: Renewal

Your trademark can be renewed every ten years by filing a renewal request and by paying the required renewal fees. Your company’s registered trademark may be canceled if it is not used. There is a required declaration of use within three years from application date and within one year from the fifth year anniversary from the date of registration.

To Conclude

Registration of your company’s trademark or logo gives you the peace of mind you need that your company has the exclusive rights to use it. This will prevent other companies from using your company’s logo to market their goods and services. Registration of your trademark also prevents your competitors from reaping the benefits of your marketing campaigns.

Check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at to know more information on registering and protecting your trademark in the Philippines.

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