Why You Should Attach a Cover Letter to Your Resume

You should attach a cover letter to that resume. It is important.

Why a cover letter is important to your job search?

This is basically the first thing that the employer will actually read. Besides, this will also serve as the application letter as well. The content in the letter will initially give the employer an overview of your personality, the specific skills that you have and the accomplishments you have done. A very strategic and well-written cover letter can actually catch the attention and interest of the reader. Crafting it in such a way that they will be enticed is something that you need to plan and do in order to be top of the priority list and not on the reject heaps.

Why Cover Letter is Important to Your Job Search

Providing a cover letter gives you a more personal approach with your application. Indicating a particular skill and highlighting personal achievements that will lead you to be the best fit for the job should be the goal of this short letter. If this is done in this way, it will certainly attract them to browse your resume to see the bigger picture of yourself. Your resume then does not have to be revised all the time as the cover letter will help you position yourself in the job you are applying for. It will save you time and effort in making one.

Moreover, a number of executives also agree that a cover letter is a valuable tool in evaluating job applicants. Most of these managers even have said that the resumes which are submitted electronically would look professional if a cover letter is attached to their online submission. It would do no harm then to the applicants to provide a cover letter for each job application as you will just be at par with the other applicants who made one. The initiative to compose a cover letter means the applicant took time to get to know the job vacancy and the company itself. One good way to speed up the application process.

Also, one important thing to emphasize is that the cover letter can essentially carry out information that the resume cannot. In the letter, you can significantly explain the reasons why you wanted the job. One can describe in details the work experiences and the skills he or she possesses that could lead him or her to be the ideal person for the job. Cover letters also provide an opportunity to mention traits that one possesses that could be beneficial in the role that is available. This part of you is clearly not stated in your resume. Job gaps that are indicated in the resume can also be explained in the cover letter. Most of all, you can personally establish a relationship to the company that you are applying as part of the content of the letter.

Lastly, there are a lot of things to consider in writing a good cover letter. You need to be aware of all these when you start creating your own. Read below for some tips to consider.

1. Cover letters should be original. It is a terrible idea to copy and paste cover letter templates. In doing your research, just try to get the gist and the thought of the sample letter and make your own. Anyway, your experiences and skills are way different from anyone else.

2. Cover letters should be brief, concise and simple. The key here is keywords and anecdotes. Highlight relevant information about yourself but not rehashing what is in your resume. If you are submitting electronically, some companies are looking for keywords to filter job applications. So, in writing your letter, use the company’s job language as reference in your content. This is one fast and better way to emerge in the many online applications online.

3. Cover letters should have a good introduction and an impressive closing. This kind of content will bring you to the interview process. A strong cover letter is a start of a good marketing of yourself. Write a very catchy introduction and end it with a power closing and the next thing you know, you are preparing for the big interview day.

If you are currently on the job hunt process, never underestimate the power and importance of a good cover letter. Do not be intimidated by the tedious process of writing and coming up with this vital document. The internet is a good resource and guide in helping you compose an appropriate content for your cover letter. Just put your heart and mind into it as it will not be difficult as it looks like. Anyway, you will be writing about yourself and your experiences so, it will be more personal and straight to the point. What are you waiting for? Break a leg and get that cover letter done.

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