How to Begin a Kambal Pandesal Franchise Business

The franchise Kambal Pandesal took inspiration from Pandesal and made a variation to bring new flavors to the staple breakfast food of Filipinos; the affordable but filling bread is a popular choice due to its price and versatility of being paired to many choices of spread and hot beverage.

Answering the daily demand for this food can come from you through franchising Kambal Pandesal, continue to learn more the procedure and benefits of Kambal Pandesal franchise.

About Kambal Pandesal Franchise

store[1]Kambal Pandesal is one of the many food carts available under Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. (FFI) which was established in 2006. One of the significant steps they took is their partnership with San Miguel Mills, Inc; the company whose currently supplying Kambal Pandesal of its flour products, which helped the business product flourish with the quality product San Miguel Mills, Inc provide.

How much is Kambal Pandesal Franchise?

Introductory Price 350,000
Estimate Space Improvement 100,000
Working Capital 50,000
Royalty Fee None
Total 500,000


Price may vary depending on the shop’s size and the quantity planned for stocking the store.

Ideal location and area requirement for Kambal Pandesal Franchise


You must have a store area of 15-20 square meters to be ameneable for franchising Kambal Pandesal franchise.

Regarding the location ideal for establishing Kamba Pandesal, the franchise hopes that the store is within areas like commercial areas, terminals, school, hospitals or residential areas with about 2000 houses within the vicinity, and a foot traffic of 400 during peak hours.

Kambal Pandesal Package Inclusion


  • Two deck Gas Baking Oven
  • Spiral mixer 12.5kg Capacity
  • Stainless working table
  • Cooling Rack (20 layers of 24″x16″ aluminum tray)
  • Bread display Case
  • Proofing Rack (2 columns @24 layers of 24″x16″ aluminum tray)
  • Complete set of equipment and supplies:
  • Starter kit
  • aluminum tray (L24″xW16″)
  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Filled bread prep tools
  • Containers/Hand Gloves/Food Tongs
  • Packaging supplies
  • Bicycle (optional)

Initial Inventories

  • 10 bags pandesal Mix
  • 2 pail-Star margarine -plain
  • 2 bars 950g – Magnolia Cheeze
  • 10 pcs -Star margarine garlic-100g
  • 1case – San Mig Coffee
  • 1 set – kapehan (airpot/dispenser etc.)
  • 1 kg. pande kape-topping mix
  • Magnolia cheeze spread-plain-12 sachet
  • Bake best milk powder-1kg.

Marketing Materials

  • Panaflex storage
  • Tarpaulin
  • Flyers

Procedure of Starting a Kambal Pandesal Franchise

  1. Setting of Appointment

Send your complete name to Kambal Pandesal’s contact person to set the appointment day. The recommended time of appointment is during Saturday around 2pm to immediately have a complete proposal

  1. Location

With Proffered location

  • Submit your preferred location for approval and wait for a few weeks to find out if your request was approved. Once the request passed the evaluation, you’ll received a standard layout for the shop.
  • Make sure that your preferred location meets the requirements for store location.

Without preferred location (Applicable for NCR only)

  • Have a minimum of 3 locations as your preffered areas of establishing the franchise. A team from Kambal pandesal will scout the proposed areas to help you find the ideal location. Wait for 1-2 weeks to hear back from them.
  • After finding the location and confirming your approval for the chosen area, you’ll be given a standard layout for designing the shop.
  1. Payment

Be aware that no payment or down payment involved until the location is approved and evaluated.

  • Submit the application form along with the franchise payment
  • Sign the contract of agreement for partnership
  • Acquire the necessary documents for establishing the business
  • Start the construction of bakery (shouldered by the franchisee)
  1. Preparations and Training

While having a background knowledge to management and baking is an edge, they are not required when you apply since the franchise provides a 2-week training course to help you run the bakery. Kambal Pandesal also provides startup technical and support supervision along with marketing and product development programs.

The perks of partnership with Kambal Pandesal

  • No royalty fee
  • Background on baking is not required
  • Panaflex Store Signage (c/o San Miguel Mills Inc.)
  • Free registration on E-loading business
  • Free location assistance (Applicable on NCR areas only)
  • Inclusive of baking and management training

The cons of partnership with Kambal Pandesal

Upon carefully assessment of the franchise’s potential, benefits and requirements, it’s safe to say that Kambal Pandesal is an ideal business with no significant cons under its name. Common problems like business rivalry can be solved through smart management and gaining customer loyalty.

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    When is the schedule of your free seminar/orientation for the month of August?

  3. Margaux says:

    I have noticed that they are not using gloves when making the bread or touching the dough, is that right?

    Because in Kambal Pandesal El Pueblo condominium the guys are touching the dough and at the same time they are receiving and giving changes using the same bare hands to their customer.

    I am thinking that it is not hygenic at all.

  4. Rachel Mae Hermida says:

    Hi! Im interested in franchising. Where should we apply? We are located in Matalam, North Cotabato. Thanks!

  5. Hi how can submit my application for interested to franchise Kambal Pandesal my location is in 411 Thursday Street, Saint Joseph Village Panapaan III.

  6. Hi how can submit my application for interested to franchise Kambal Pandesal my location is in 411 Thursday Street, Saint Joseph Village Panapaan III. Bacoor City Province of Cavite area code 4102.

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    Hello. I am very interested in introducing Pandesal in my country, Botswana, Africa. So i wanted to know how you can help me to make this possible.

    I am a student in the Philippines but currently back in my countrty, so i have fallen in love with the bread.

    I believe we can both be successful through this bussiness if it was to come here.

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    Leaving here my Mobile No. 09169578423

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    Is it possible for you to provide a business plan? I’m applying the franchise to a bank loan and they require the business plan. Can you help in this regard?

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