How To Increase Likes On Your Facebook Fanpage

There is no doubt that Facebook is the world’s largest social media network and this equates to billions of users. This is how vast and wide its scope is and when you talk about marketing, this is quite huge. If we are going to look at the market, this might be the picture: Milennials = Facebook users. Generation X = Facebook users. Baby boomers = Facebook users. Generation Z = potential Facebook users. So, when you speak about Facebook, it literally means the world. No doubt about it.

Talking about business and Facebook, a Facebook fanpage is an ideal way to get connected to the world. Sharing a blog in that page, posting graphics, making informative articles and even sharing links that are helpful are one way to increase traffic and credibility to your business. That is why encouraging likes into the fanpage is one way to get them in the loop of your target market. These Likes are not just a number game but a real person visit that would be interested in what you do. Hence, below are interesting suggestions on how to increase likes on a Facebook fanpage, so your business can also start rolling. Check them out below.

Increase Likes on Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Challenge

This is like an online contest with a lot of exciting and interesting things to do. This kind of game will perk up fans and interested individuals who will surely share the news and get more people stirred up to spread the information. One important thing to consider here is that the concept of the contest is geared up towards the usage of the product or the service. It will ignite more fun if the prize is relatively huge or useful to the consumer. Make sure the mechanics will let them understand and learn more about the products or the company.

Coupons and Discounts

Marketing is all about what is in store for the customers. Creating a Facebook coupon to give-away discounts are an interesting and a greener way to provide the best deal to clients. The best way to do this is to make the procedure in Facebook and have them do something to get the coupon itself. This is one way to direct them on the product and the site as well. If their experience is fun and enjoyable, it will be known and surely they will share and campaign for it.

Make The Like Button Accessible

Navigating the internet to some is a little bit difficult. By creating a like button that is easily seen and clicking is hassle free, then getting updated information in terms of content is simple and uncomplicated to your target demographics. Remember, when they like a certain page in Facebook, this page then pops up to their feeds and timelines every time a new content is provided. Be it graphics, articles or status. So, you keep them in sight and they constantly follows you too.

Write A Very Good ‘About’ Page

The about page serves as the door to open your website. This means it needs to be informative, useful and helpful to individuals that will need your services. If what they read satisfies them, probing happens, communication is built and eventually availing products or getting your services is done. This will happen if you have an enticing about page that talks about their needs and concerns. So, make that perfect pitch on your about page. It is about time.

Maximize Reach In Facebook Posts

Since the algorithm of your traffic can be easily determined. Finding the right timing is also vital in updating posts in Facebook. Analyze how your market moves and identify trends and movements that will help you get more exposure and reach. Learning this curve will maximize your efforts and will get you to optimize results and returns as well. In the trend, it is best to be active at about 9 in the morning and throughout the afternoon from 1 till 4 pm. Weekends are also the best way to keep the page busy. Well, the best time are when people are free and are on their jobs. Never at night nor the time to go to and from work.

Post Exclusive, Special And Interesting Videos

People are visual and the more you put in interesting stuffs that can satisfy their sense of sight, the more they will be in tuned with your page. Take note that these videos should be exclusive in nature to your site or special videos intended only for the company or the products. The message here is to let your customers feel that they are special, thus the exclusive access.

All of these are easy and manageable ways to make your Facebook page loud and visible to your target market. So, get the ball rolling and hype up your Facebook page one day at a time.

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