About Bentelog Franchise: Fees, Inclusion and Other Details

Bentelog is a popular business concept among side street vendors or ‘karinderya’ owners as the price tag of Bentelogs is incredibly affordable for everyone. It’s simple, easy to start, and set-up. The business concept is also highly adaptable to be placed both in commercial or residential areas.

Establishing a Bentelog store from scratch is relatively easy, it’s also safer to look out for the help of other people or franchise, who have an organized and well-thought-out business system to help the business become successful.

Bentelog Franchise is one of the available choices, entrepreneurs can consider, as it is fitting for those who are new to doing business and have limited capital resources. Below are the available packages and benefits of Bentelog Franchise

About Bentelog Franchise

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Benetelog Avenue prides itself as the most affordable Bentelog Franchise in the Philippines. The franchise is under the IM15 Food Enterprise, which was established in 2013, built with the primary purpose of tapping the entrepreneurial spirit, which they believe lies in most Filipino.

The Mission and Vision of Bentelog Franchise


The company strives to provide high-quality service both to their client and customers and become the key to help Filipinos achieve the possibility of acquiring a profitable business with small capital investment.


Bentelog Franchise aims to become the best service provider among the food cart business industry.

Bentelog Avenue Franchise Packages

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Interested franchisees may choose one (1), a combination of two (2), or all sixteen (16) food cart business available under the Bentelog Franchise.

Type of Package Package Fee Worth of Initial Stocks Cart Size
Single Cart 12,000 500 3ft x 2ft x 6ft
2 in 1 Cart 15,500 1,000 4ft x 2ft x 6ft
3 in 1 Cart 17,500 1,500 4ft x 2ft x 6ft
4 in 1 Cart 19,500 2,000 4ft x 2ft x 6ft
5 in 1 Cart 21,500 2,500 4ft x 2ft x 6ft
6 in 1 Cart 23,500 3,000 5ft x 2ft x 6ft
7i n 1 Cart 25,500 3,500 5ft x 2ft x 6ft
8 in1  Cart 27,500 4,000 5ft x 2ft x 6ft
9 in 1 Cart 29,500 4,500 5ft x 2ft x 6ft
10 in 1 Cart 31,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
11 in 1 Cart 33,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
12 in 1 Cart 35,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
13 in 1 Cart 37,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
14 in 1 Cart 39,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
15 in 1 Cart 41,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft
16 in 1 Cart 48,500 5,000 6ft x 2ft x 6ft


Bentelog Avenue Package Inclusion

  • Menu Board
  • Set of Equipments
  • Set of utensils
  • Crew Uniform
  • Franchising Training
  • Crew Training
  • Manual on how to prepare
  • Initial Product (Worth depending on type of package chosen)

Bentelog Avenue Contact Details

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bentelog-Franchise-540548239437000

Email: online@imfoodenterprise.com

Phone: 0928-763-5886

Address: Unit 2B 2nd Floor MBB Bldg. Sampaguita Oval, Maligaya park, Quezon City, Philippines

Benefits of Franchising Bentelog Avenue

  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Quota
  • No Royalty Fee
  • No Monthly or Yearly Renewal Fee
  • 16 Available food combination concepts to broaden the customer demographic and also boost sales.

Things to Consider Before Investing on Bentelog Franchise

  • Sixteen (16) food cart business variants may overwhelm other people, it’s best to step back and assess carefully what suits best your interest and the most fitting business to establish on your chosen prospect location.
  • While franchising can help franchisees have a tried and tested business system, it doesn’t remove the factor of possible business failure; Therefore, it’s still important to watch closely the business and nurture it to grow.

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