Websites that Offer Online Jobs for Filipinos

The digital and information age have actually paved the way in a shift of paradigm in terms of careers, jobs and employment opportunities especially among Filipinos.  This paradigm shift opened the doors to a more flexible, variable and adaptable line of work.  The rise of online jobs have been very evident and surely will continue to grow in the 21st century.   This increasing trend is essentially beneficial for a population of Filipinos as this kind of work fits well with family dynamics and lifestyle.  To be part of this growing industry, there is a need to get hooked.  This kind of work entails specific skills and requirements to fit in so you can be ready to do the job. Basic digital skills are the needed minimum requirements.  If you think you are internet savvy and has open work hours, then online jobs are meant for you.

Check out the popular sites below for available online jobs for FIlipinos like us.  These are interesting websites where you can advertise your digital skills and find that most convenient virtual job for you.  The best part is that there are jobs intended only for Filipinos. Isn’t it great?  So, click that website as the job is waiting just for you.

Sites That Offer Online Jobs for Filipinos

The website’s homepage shout out is this: “World’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers.” The tagline says it all.  It works both ways for employers who would want to hire Filipino workers and Filipinos who would want to have a secure and safe online job.  A lot of categories can be found in the site.  From office administration jobs to writing, advertising, web development, graphics and multi-media to customer service and a lot more. All you need to do is go to their website, register, log-in, upload your resume and find that job that you want.

A top freelancing website that offers short-term and long-term projects. Popular jobs for Filipinos on this site are data entry, translation, customer service, writers, voice-overs and virtual assistants.  What is good about upwork is that you get to choose your clients and workload that fits your time and schedule.  All you need to do is register and complete the needed profile and upwork maintains a good feedback process where clients provide an information of the job you have done.

This is the site where you can sell your skills to a global audience. The steps are simple. Go the Fiverr site.  Sign-up for free. Sell up your gig (This can be anywhere from making short articles to making a video of yourself greeting a person.). Get notified when you get a job order. Deliver great work. Get paid. Enjoy life.  This is as easy as 123.

Basically the Philippine version of Fiverr — one of the biggest local sites that offer online jobs for Filipinos. You can sell your skills such as writing articles, web design or even just to become a virtual secretary for an hour or two.

This is a great place to find talented remote workers from 180+ countries (this means including Filipinos) to get things done for the employers. This is how it works with Outsourcely:  (1) Find great talent (2) Hire directly (3 )Pay zero commission fees.  Not to mention that the specialization of jobs is also very vast in this website.

This site works like the platform of Upwork, Outsourcely and

Freelancer is home to expert freelancers all over the world to work on the job, online.  This is where millions of small businesses turn their ideas into reality.  The best part of this site is that there are Filipinos whose expertise are also needed and are in demand.

This is a specific site for Filipino freelance writers. If you have a knack for writing, then this site is for you.  Register for free and comply with their requirements and you are on your way to getting paid for the words you scribble.

An online English school that offers home-based teaching jobs. This site has the largest online English education platform. For those who wish to have a teaching career but cannot leave home because of mobility issues.  Then this online job is for you.

If your expertise is on graphic designing, programming, creative web design, then this site is made just for you.  You can get paid by the design and concept you make.  One great thing is that you do all this at the comforts of your home.

This site is for web programmers, software development and computer programming experts. If you think you have this technical expertise, then this site is the one for you.

Their tagline goes “The best people in their finest hour”. This meant that if a client needs a job to be done, then this site will not frustrate him or her.  From design to translation to dataentry, the job is done completely.  If you think you have the talent in any of these, log on to this website and your hour gets paid right  away.

The websites mentioned above are all free of charge to join and will give you an option to do full time or part-time assignments.  Depending on your specialty and interest, there are millions of jobs available using these online platforms.  All you need to do is invest on a computer, an internet connection and most of all your time.  If you have all of these, then finding a job will never be a problem.

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