Dimsum Factory: Franchise Fee, Requirement and Contact Details

Dimsum Factory is marketed both as a business or a sideline which you can do while working with a regular job or studying at school. The array of packages caters to different budgets and preference of the interested entrepreneur. Read further to know more about Dimsum Factory and how to become a dealer or franchisee of this business.

About Dimsum Factory

Dimsum Factory stretched their choices not only into one package but to four different options, with each choice cultivated to cater to the franchisee’s budget and resources, encouraging entrepreneurs to enter the field of business.

How to Franchise Dimsum Factory

2016-08-06[1]There are numerous ways you can choose when it comes to becoming a Dimsum Factory seller. You can be a dealer, retailer and more. And the most notable factor is its availability to be sold together with your products if you have an existing mini market, bakery or other types of business, making Dimsum Factory as a pliable income generator you can add.

For interested individuals, you may use the following contact details to inquire directly at Dimsum Factory’s personnel.

Area Size Requirement

Dimsum Factory did not state any minimum or maximum store size as a qualification of becoming a retailer, direct seller or dealer of their products; However, as per according to the video posted on their official Facebook account, featuring Marvin Agustin, Dimsum Factory can be sold individually by direct selling or as a joint business together with your pre-existing business.

Product Line:

  • Dimsum and Dumpling
  • Siopao
  • Lumpia Shanghai
  • Fishball
  • Squidball
  • Kikiam
  • Noodles and canton
  • Siomai and molo wrapper

Dimsum Factory Package Inclusion and Franchise Fee

As stated earlier, Dimsum Factory features four different packages namely table-top, direct-selling cart, collapsible booth, and mobile cart; However, there is no record of package inclusion on their direct selling cart, which brings us elaborating only three of their package choices.

Mobile Cart: 28,000 Package

  • Dimsun Factory Bicycle
  • Super Kalan
  • 14”2 Layers Stainless Steamer
  • Frying pan 8”
  • Gulaman Dispenser
  • Food Tong
  • Food Keeper
  • Squeeze Bottle (Small)
  • Styro Box
  • Uniform (T-Shirt)
  • Tarpaulin 1.5x2
  • Seminar and training

Collapsable Booth: 18, 000 Package

  • DF Collapsable Booth
  • Glass Steamer Cabinet
  • 16”2 Layers Stainless Steamer
  • Electry Deep Fryer
  • HD Water Heater
  • Gulaman Dispenser
  • Food Tong
  • Food Keeper
  • Squeeze Bottle (Small)
  • Uniform (T-shirt)
  • Tarpaulin 1.5x2

Table-Top: 5,000 Package

  • Glass Steamer cabinet
  • HD Water Heater
  • Food Tong
  • Squeeze Bottle (Small)
  • 1,000 worth of products
  • Sintra Board Header
  • Tarpaulin 2x2
  • Sintra Menu Board

Dimsum Factory Franchise Contact Information:

Call & schedule an appointment with: Me-anne Torres 0922-8346786

Landline: (02) 348-6786

The Benefits of Franchising Dimsum Factory

The dimsum factory sells snacks which are a popular choice of business due to continuous demand for food, alongside that is the flexibility of starting capital required to start running the business. The cart/business is also accessible for selling through your initial store like a bakery, sari-sari store and more.

The lack of monthly royalty fee is also notable as it eliminates the cost of operation, which guarantees that every penny you earn is yours.

The downside of Dimsum Factory Franchise

While dimsum factory doesn’t have notable cons when it comes to their packages and product qualities, the greatest disadvantage here is the numerous competitors present within the community. Snacks similar to the product line produced by Dimsum Factory are rapidly growing across the country making it hard to stand out in the market.

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