Timezone Philippines: Is Franchise a Possibility?

The arcades are one of the best places to unwind- their extensive choices of both classic and modern games help anyone to enjoy and relieve stress. Their appeal is also effective for the younger and older generation, for arcades strikes both as an entertainment and medium of childhood nostalgia.

Timezone and their 50 outlets nationwide serve as one of the biggest and well-known arcade stations in the Philippines, commonly found on major malls across the country. Today, this article will discuss the possibility of franchising Timezone and the pros and cons of their business concepts.

About Timezone Philippines

article2[1]Timezone Philippines is a joint venture between Ayala Land Inc. and Timezone Australia. Since landing in the shores of Philippines, Timezone became the country’s leading Family Entertainment Center (FEC), which caters to the needs of Filipino families in seeking entertainment, venues for bonding and creating collective, happy memories. While young adults and couples can view the place as a fun, stress-relieving setting to meet colleagues. Lastly, Timezone for teenagers may act as a point of safe rendezvous zone where they can meet and socialize with their peers, in a carefree environment.

Time for fun is the catchphrase which captures the essence of Timezone. A brand which represents the spirit of fun, entertainment and carefree environment where people from different walks of life can come together and have a joyous time.

Is Timezone Philippines open for franchise?

Upon contacting Timezone through their official social media account, the customer service team responded that Timezone is not open for franchising opportunities.

Machine Rentals

If you have events and parties which needs some fun and games to spice things up, Timezone offers machine rentals with a different set of packages according to your needs.

Welcome Packages

Price: 35,000 (All-In)

Pick three (3) Machines from the following

  • Dance Beat
  • Time Crisis
  • Win Everytime
  • Pinball
  • Tekken

Kiddie Package

Price: 35,000

  • 3 Units of Kiddie Rides
  • 1 Dance Beat
  • 1 Slam Jam Jr. (alternative choices: Duo Drive, Pinata, Mini Magical)

Sports Package

Price:  45,000

This packages is also coupled with machine drop-off service.

Air Hockey

Kick Time

Fun Hoops

Machine Rentals Contact information

Phone: 571-0899

Email: talktous@timezone.com.ph

Website: www.timezonegames.com/en-ph

Facebook: www.facebook.com/timezone.philippines/

Phone: 571-0926 / 27

Address: 93 P Antonio St., Brgy Ugong, Pasig 1604

Alternatively you can fill out this form to contact Timezone Philippines.

Benefits of Timezone Business Concepts

The business concepts similar to Timezone is appealing to all generation. The reward system of playing more games also encourages people to participate more on the arcade, which in return gives the customers a form of a rebate from their purchases and at the same time more sales for those who are running the business.

Disadvantages of Timezone Business Concepts

  • Arcades consume a huge amount of electricity to fully operate.
  • Constant repairs and maintenance are required to ensure that each machine is in tip-top shape to avoid machine and equipment malfunction during operating hours.
  • It can be quite hard to find a location with sufficient area to accommodate all possible machines, while at the same time have enough foot traffic to attract a large amount of customers.


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