How to Franchise in the Philippines: Dairy Queen

Who does not have a sweet tooth?  I would like to guess that apparently there is nobody.  If sugar cane was not discovered, can you imagine living life at this time?  The world will be one unexciting, tasteless and boring home.  It will just be one vapid lifetime.  But thank goodness, the world found out about sugar and sweets and most of all made desserts and humanity just got so lucky.

This then began the tale and role of sweet things in society which just continues to evolve. Surely as the world ages, more and more surprises are awaiting us.  Likewise, this is what Dairy Queen wishes to offer.  DQ not only satisfy ice cream cravings but it continuously innovates so eating dessert will always be a wonderful time.  Thus, if you are a sweet tooth yourself, DQ will always be a place to be.

Dairy Queen History

The love for food experimenting of the father and son team in Illinois gave birth to this great tasting frozen dessert.  Through their friend who owns a walk in store, this dessert was served and after two hours it generated 1,600 servings and Dairy Queen was born.  In 1998, the International Dairy Queen, Inc. and its subsidiaries were purchased by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. owned by the famous Warren Buffet.  With this acquisition, Dairy Queen’s journey in the dessert market has been phenomenal.   It has introduced great products each year and even became a household name in ice cream.

Today, DQ is not only an ice cream parlor but a complete place for a snack treat.  It has sandwiches and hotdogs for the whole family.  It also partnered with Orange Julius for more choices of smoothies and fruit juices.  It has expanded all over the world and is now one of the largest and top ice cream chains globally.  In the Philippines, there are about 81 branches located in the Luzon areas only.  There are still no stores located in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.  This can be an interesting opportunity if you are an entrepreneur.  The idea of expansion is quite exciting.

The DQ Product Lines

DQ Franchise Philippines

  1. The Original Blizzard – This original creamy smooth ice cream is famously served upside down and if it is not served this way, it will be free. It is blended with cookies or fruits and comes with a dozen of theme flavors to choose from.   Among the bestsellers are Oreo, M&Ms, banana split, strawberry banana, chocolate chip, brownie temptation, caramel cashew, tropical fruit and nuts.
  2. Moolatte – For coffee lovers, this one is for you. This is a frozen blended coffee with DQ soft serve covered with whipped cream. It comes in 5 refreshing flavors: French vanilla, caramel, double fudge, Matcha green tea and mocha.
  3. Royal Treat – This is the banana split in simple terms. Its DQ soft serve is covered in strawberry and pineapple plus chocolate and whipped toppings and snuggled between a sweet banana.
  4. The Classics – This includes your shakes, dipped cones, cones, sundaes
  5. To Go – As the term pertains, it can be brought home. These are the Dilly Bars and DQ Sandwiches.
  6. DQ Cakes – Desserts will not be complete without a choice of your favorite cake. The best part is that these cakes are totally frozen. Hence, these are ice cream cakes, perfect for all occasion.

Dairy Queen Franchise Details

The Dairy Queen business offers a multi-unit franchise.  This means that the Multi-Unit franchisees purchase the rights to develop and own multiple units in an exclusive territory like a particular country. In a multi-unit operation, a franchisee typically works less in the daily operations of a single unit, and instead focuses on managing multiple locations at a higher level. Frequently, multi-unit franchisees rely on experienced general managers and staff to oversee daily, store-level operations.  In the case of the Philippines, Dairy Queen is owned and operated by the Araneta Group of Companies (owners of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell as well).

Capital Requirements

Initial Investment - $356,450 - $1,835,825

Net-worth Requirement - $750,000

Liquid Cash Requirement - $400,000

Other Fees

Initial Franchise Fee - $25,000 - $35,000

Ongoing Royalty Fee – 4-5% on gross monthly receipts

Ad Royalty Fee – 3-6%

Dairy Queen actually offers financing options for those qualified franchisees.  It has third-party sources that can help finance other fees such as the franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and even the payroll.  This is also one great way to start a relationship with its franchisees.

Why Join the DQ System?

  • Dairy Queen is an award-winning company with more than 65 years of franchising experience.
  • Among is awards are the following: #2 ranking in Huffington Post’s “2012 America’s Favorite Fast Food Chains”, #1 ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Top 500 Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Category, and included in CNNMoney “10 Great Franchise Bets”.
  • Has a modern restaurant image and menu in DQ grill and chill and DQ Orange Julius stores
  • It has an industry leading franchise support that includes supply chain, development, operations, marketing and training

Disadvantages of Obtaining a Dairy Queen Franchise

  • It uses a multi-unit franchise format. This means one franchisee per country with multiple locations
  • International franchisees should have prior retail or food service management experience.
  • There is a need of a huge capital and the drive to develop a minimum of 5 units

For More Information

If you are interested with Dairy Queen in the Philippines, please contact this website: or contact them through Facebook with this link:

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